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Buying a Brand or Buying INTO a Brand?

Buying a Brand or Buying INTO a Brand?

What’s the difference in buying a brand and buying INTO a brand? If you buy into the brand, you will want everything with that symbol on it. For instance, I am a huge Coke fan. If it has the Coke logo, chances are I will at least stop and look at an item – if not pick it up and buy it. It is so bad, for Christmas, when I am asked, all I have to say is ‘anything Coke’ and I have ended up with straws, napkins, mini refrigerator, etc all because of the red and white of Coca-Cola.

‘We don’t want people to buy a brand, we want people ot buy into a brand, to make it part of their lives,” founder of the Richards Group once said. Advertising channels are the more important tool used by brands to reach a targeted audience, ensure that is resonates positively to that, most importantly, it generates the desired reaction. Promotional products are the optimal source to elicit a strong connection with recipients, spark interest, inspire action, and effectively gain and retain consumers, ultimately enhancing band loyalty.

Brand Allure
Roughly 8 in 10 consumers (79% to be exact) said they have looked up a brand after receiving a promotional product. Promotional products draw the most interest amount Millennial recipients, 87% of whom were curious enough to take further action.

Brand Favorability
With the overwhelming selection of brands today’s marketplace offers, the average consumer might appear more elusive or erratic tan ever in their decision-making. However, one might argue that the right advertising vehicle has the power to shift brand favorability and ultimately influence a consumer’s buying decisions – and that’s exactly the case. In fact, 83% of consumers said they are more likely to do business with brands from which they received promotional products over other brands.

Brand Loyalty
Would receiving a high valued, quality promotional product persuade you to be more loyal to a particular brand?
Definitely not: 5%
Probably not: 10%
Maybe: 31%
Probably would: 30%
Definitely would: 24%


What does your brand say by the promotional products you have available?

Excerpted with permission from PPAI January 2017