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Does your current marketing solution and strategy REACH your target client?

The power of promotional solutions cannot be disputed as they drive a certain level of brand exposure. They not only reach their target audience, but they also provide opportunities to reinforce branding and messaging with increased exposure across certain metrics.

Frequency: The majority of consumers are exposed to promotional solutions most of the time each day; however the average Millennial said they are in contact with a solution at all times of the day. Everything we look at or touch has a brand or logo imprinted on it.

Length: The longer a promotional solution is kept, the more impressions it makes on the recipient. The majority of owners keep a promotional solution between one and five years. 34% of women keep the promotional solution longer than 6 years, while 45% of men do the same. For other advertising channels (tv, radio, internet, messaging, and newspapers) the influence doesn’t stay around as long. 81% of consumers keep promotional solutions for more than one year.

Range: Eight in 10 consumers choose to pass along a promotional solution if they don’t keep it themselves, which ultimately furthers the brand’s reach.

Excerpted with permission from PPAI January 2019