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Advertising Is a Tough Job

Businesses nowadays have so many options for advertising…but which ones truly increase brand awareness and move a consumer to purchase from you? Advertising is a tough job. While aiming to increase recall and improve resonance, advertising is also working to reach the majority of your target market at the right time all to encourage action. So which ones work? Fortunately, brands can use key metrics to compare advertising channels and to guide campaign initiatives such as increasing awareness, creating a lasting impression, encouraging a favorable perception and ultimately inciting action. There are five key metrics we use to determine if the promotional solution is the best fit for your campaign.

  1. Does this solution elevate brand reach to deliver adequate exposure to prospects?
  2. Does this solution produce high brand recall to generate prospects awareness of the brand?
  3. Does this solution enhance brand resonance to transfer a favorable attitude to prospects?
  4. Does this solution stimulate reaction to influence change in the prospects buying behavior?
  5. Does this solution gain relativity against other advertising channels to satisfy prospects?

How are you currently promoting yourself? Is it working? Call us for more information on how we can help reach your target audience!

Excerpted with permission from PPAI January 2019